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Clients may hold investments in many different types of accounts. We provide portfolio management for:

Contributory IRAs
Roth IRAs

Individual Taxable Accounts
Living Trusts
Incorporated and Non-Incorporated Organizational Accounts

Joint taxable accounts
IRA Rollover accounts
Educational Accounts
Pension Plans
Educational IRAs

Inherited IRAs

Asset Protection Trusts*
& More

        We are committed to making your experience with us a rewarding one and look forward to working with you. As a relationship with us grows, each transaction within your investment portfolio receives the same care as the first. The quality of expertise we offer is best experienced first-hand. Please call today to discuss ways in which we can help you move forward on a better path toward your financial goals.

* Investors with an interest in a Delaware asset protection trust may be interested to know that Charles Schwab, whom which our accounts are domiciled with, offers a Delaware Trust entity.


who we are

        Managing one’s investment portfolio can sometimes seem confusing or perplexing in turbulent financial periods, especially if one is depending upon it for retirement. At Clark Asset Management, we build investment portfolios to create the foundation for our clients' long-term financial well-being. 

        All of our portfolios are individualized, and fashioned to serve the unique needs and financial goals of the client. Depending on the Client's Investment Policy Statement, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and individual preferences, our firm can select a combination from the full range of domestic mutual funds, domestic and foreign equities, and fixed income to create a portfolio we believe will best match and work to attain their financial goals over time.

      As an independent portfolio manager, we serve individuals, trusts, and similar smaller institutions. At Clark Asset Management, our clients' investment accounts are domiciled at Charles Schwab & Company in the client's name; we do not take possession of client assets. Our management fees are on a sliding scale and begin at about 1.0% of portfolio value per year, decreasing with greater sizes of accounts. Our firm often utilizes funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors as a part of our methodology of integrating Nobel-Prize winning principles of finance into our portfolios.

      At Clark Asset Management, we craft all of our investment portfolios with care in effort to help foster long-term financial prosperity and security for our clients. We work to honor clients' investment preferences while simultaneously helping you protect your wealth.

Some Quick Facts About Us:​

  • All client assets are domiciled in the client's name at Schwab Institutional division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

  • Your account has a brief but individualized Statement of Investment Policy outlining your unique investment preferences and financial goals to help us best serve you.

  • You receive quarterly reports alongside on-request updates tracking the performance of your portfolio. 

  • Portfolios are diversified across asset classes, and our investment methodology draws on the Fama-French Three-Factor Model of Finance.   

  • It is our 32nd year of business!

  • We have a wide choice of investment instruments, and clients are not limited to one fund family or one broker-dealer.

  • We are compensated only through our portfolio management fee, thus we have no incentive to undertake unnecessary transactions. Our management fees average less than 1.0 % per year, and decrease with larger portfolio sizes. The success of our clients is our success.





      Modern portfolio theory dates back to the work of Harry Markowitz, who published Portfolio Selection in 1952. Many scholars have contributed to our body of knowledge in the investment realm including Prof. Eugene Fama and Prof. Kenneth French, whose centralized work is commonly known as the Fama-French Three-Factor Model.  Markowitz and Fama subsequently received the Nobel Prize for their works. Professor Robert Haugen and many others have also extended our knowledge.
       Our firm utilizes Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds in our portfolios, as they embody results from the Fama-French model. We also believe that investors somewhere in the back of their minds should have an appreciation of history, and what it means in regard to the long-term retention of wealth. We spend some of our time thinking about longer-term threats to portfolios, such as inflation, taxation, and changing secular trends.

     First, we believe that the most important consideration is risk of the portfolio. We question how our individualized selections match our client's unique investment preferences and level of risk tolerance. Risk does not drive returns. We believe that on average, greater turnover of portfolio content does not increase portfolio returns, nor do higher commissions. 

Free markets work.

    Free economic markets are very efficient in setting reasonable prices, and trying to "time" them is counterproductive, alongside proving to be costly and unnecessary. Asset allocation determines much of portfolio return, and asset class diversification is a way to manage this risk while capturing the long-run rate of return of various asset classes. Albert Einstein is alleged to have said that compound interest was the greatest discovery of the 20th century. One way to harness this power is to generate more consistent and positive returns on a portfolio. Time, coupled with compounding returns, is a great lever to preserve and grow wealth for you and your family.

Diversification is essential to intelligently assume investment risk.

      A portfolio that is diversified among asset classes will be much more resilient than one that is focused on one area. Diversification reduces portfolio volatility because different holdings don’t move together. We believe in broad diversification, and tend to select several well-defined asset classes for each portfolio. For equities, we utilize U.S., international, and emerging market holdings in our portfolios. In fixed income, we emphasize short-term, high-quality exposure. 

Enhanced asset classes help.

      We use an asset class overlay approach with tilts to “value” and “size” factors, consistent with the Fama-French Model. This approach offers lower costs, higher tax-efficiency, and diversification. Incurring higher costs does not lead to higher returns. As we design our portfolios using low-cost strategies, investing patiently, and keeping our management fees reasonable, clients are more likely to enjoy a comfortable investment experience and reach their financial goals sooner. We also protect clients from the common tendency to invest in different securities as they go in and out of favor. We are willing to pay more for issues that offer a higher versus a lower growth rate, other important factors being equal.  
      As an established investment advisor, we have access to a broad range of financial instruments. Other things equal, we will use the one with the lower expense ratio and lower transaction costs, believing that the available evidence does not indicate that greater transaction costs lead to greater return. We often use asset class funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors to fill out various asset class allocations. Dimensional Funds (DFA Funds) are constructed in a manner designed to take advantage of Nobel prize-winning financial research, and are noted for their low expense ratios and superior construction.

      We invite you to reach out and further inquire about our underlying theory, experience, and applications, and would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss them further and their relation to your unique investment goals.  




        Clark Asset Management was founded in 1989 by our senior portfolio manager, Gary N. Clark, CFA. We began about 35 years ago with a focused value-growth approach. Initially, within our investment process we solely considered issues that had consistent, predictable increases in earnings per share – those where earnings tended to increase at the same percentage rate every year. We questioned the worth of the stream of growing earnings at prevailing interest rates, and then implemented the formula for a partial sum of an infinite series (found in most basic calculus books). With time and experience, our style has become somewhat more eclectic – there are other considerations such as profit margins, debt/equity ratios, return on assets, etc. - but this remains an important point of reference for individual securities. We have also found that the relative proportion of fixed income and equities in a portfolio are very crucial long-run determinants of returns. Even when we approach this from the standpoint of forthcoming turnarounds, we still attempt to acquire growth at a reasonable price. ​



whom we serve well

        Clark Asset Management provides discretionary investment portfolio management to the serious moderately conservative investor. At Clark Asset Management, we focus on portfolio management and structure; building balanced portfolios in our endeavor to foster the growth of individual and family wealth. The greater likelihood of stability of returns may be appreciated more by people nearing or being in retirement, as well as others looking for long-term investment growth. Some institutions may also value this, as we additionally utilize techniques oriented to growth and appreciation.
       Many of those who have chosen Clark Asset Management as their portfolio manager were retired and over fifty years of age; however, we also have many second and third generation clients. We additionally serve many families, alongside providing service to small institutions. Clark Asset Management + Associates, Inc. is registered as an Investment Advisor in the states of California, Oklahoma, and Texas, and can serve clients in other states. 

      We will manage your portfolio within a framework that is likely to provide a meaningful return over time while controlling for risk, based on Nobel Prize-winning principles of finance. We rely importantly on the Fama-French model of finance, and utilize funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (among others) to capture returns on different asset classes. Most of the portfolios managed by Clark Asset Management range from balanced medium risk to more conservative. 
      The process begins by formulating and clarifying your needs and goals. This includes articulating purpose, objectives, time horizon, risk preferences, and any constraints and special circumstances. What is their investment purpose? Are estate planning considerations involved? What is the tax status of the portfolio?  Clients receive monthly reports from Schwab and quarterly reports from Clark Asset Management.  
      Many of the balanced accounts managed by Clark Asset Management own individual securities, in addition to index funds. Our management style is mainly "value-growth,"  and partly eclectic. We like to own stocks whose dividends and earnings per share increase every year, or that we conclude are excellent values. Diversification among several asset classes plays an important role in controlling risk. The management of each portfolio is guided by an individualized Statement of Investment Policy for that portfolio. Many of our accounts are IRAs or retirement plans. Many clients have some exposure to either the real estate or petroleum industry. 


why choose an inependentpflo manager

        An independent, third-party investment advisor offers an intelligent, informed way to pursue one's investment objectives. Clark Asset Management + Associates, Inc. provides discretionary asset management of diversified investment portfolios, uniquely designed to meet your personal, business, or institutional investment objectives.
        An independent portfolio manager tends to offer the potential for greater returns through less institutional bias in the selection of securities, and because their interests are more closely aligned with those of the client. They get paid based on the value of assets under management, rather than based on transactions. This results in better client-oriented transaction decisions, and lower portfolio transaction costs. The independent portfolio manager may be more well-versed in portfolio theory, which may result in more consistent performance over time.  
        Additionally, an independent portfolio manager has the capability to craft a more personalized and focused approach to your specific investment goals. As Clark Asset Management is privately owned, we make the effort to know each of our clients on a more personal, intimate level than larger institutions to best serve our clients' unique financial goals and investment preferences.
        Our firm's lead portfolio manager is Gary N. Clark, CFA. Dr. Clark holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and also has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Oklahoma.  

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